Current Projects

Jim Ballard Music

jim ballard music website

Jim Ballard is an Akron-based singer, songwriter, film score composer, and producer/engineer at his own Skylyne recording studio. We’ve recently migrated his old site (built in iWeb) to WordPress in one of our own custom-designed, responsive themes.

Peace for Pets

peace for pets website

Peace for Pets is nonprofit organization located in Canton, Ohio dedicated to helping animals with a variety of programs and services. We are currently starting to build and code the new site which will have a greater emphasis on photographs of the various animals (and their owners) Peace for Pets assists on a daily basis. We look forward to bringing the new design to life for this most worthy organization!

The new Peace for Pets site is now live!

Oglesby Construction

oglesby construction website designs

Oglesby Construction, Inc. is full-service concrete construction and pavement marking company headquartered in Norwalk, Ohio with a branch office located in Sanford, Florida. We had designed the original site in 2007 and a great deal has happened since in the world of design and internet interaction! We will (as usual) be designing and building a mobile-friendly site with stronger visual elements and a nod to social media.

The new site is now live!

Recent Projects

Bootstrap Forms

Bootstrap Forms

We were hired by a php Developer to create a series of order and search forms using the Bootstrap Framework. Our task was to take the basic Bootstrap elements and add custom CSS styles to work with the respective companies’ logos and color-schemes. One company logo is square; the other is long and rectangular, so the the head areas were adjusted accordingly. We laid out and styled seven forms and a login screen in each color-scheme.

Wayne County Visitors Bureau

wayne county ohio visitors bureau website

The Wayne County Visitor’s Bureau is a non-profit organization dedicated to promotion of tourism in Wayne County, Ohio. We recently completed and encoded (CSS3 & HTML5) a new, responsive design which we handed off to another programmer/developer who is writing/creating custom PHP and database functionality.

Better Outcomes

Better Outcomes website

Better Outcomes is a non-profit organization dedicated to promotion of Civil Discourse in our society and the promotion of Mediation to aide problem solving and dispute resolution. To showcase the benefits, Better Outcomes hosts mediated Candidate Conversations as a alternative to typical political debates.