About TH Design

TH Design, Inc. is a full-service graphic and web design firm located in Akron, Ohio.

Ted Haughawout attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and the University of Akron where he earned a BFA (Drawing). A serendipitous choice of computer graphics as an elective class while at the University of Akron led to a career in digital graphics and later, web design.

Paula Apynys attended the University of Akron where she earned a BA (English) degree. When Paula joined TH Design in 1998, the internet was a relatively new phenomenon offering ground-floor opportunities. Starting with basic HTML, Paula has advanced along with the web and is now adept at writing HTML5 and CSS3 and working with PHP and javascript.

In 2010 Ted and Paula began their love affair with WordPress, a web development platform that is complex yet flexible, the perfect vehicle for techy-yet-artsy types seeking design freedom backed by stable, sophisticated technology.

Ted and Paula help companies create effective visual and verbal communication pieces for the internet and print media.

TH Design, Inc. has been serving clients in Northeast Ohio and nationally since 1993.

Ted Haughawout

(ted · how′ wowt)
Principal Designer


Paula Apynys

(pôl′ å · ap′ å neez)
Web Development Specialist